Nelson / Whakatū

Key Dates


May 8, 2021

Annesbrook Church


June 11, 2021 7:00 PM

Theatre Royal

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Registrations close:
Showquest - March 12
Toi - April 9
OnScreen - July 30

regional results



The full list of awards for Nelson is:  

Band 1: F.E.A.L - Motueka High School

Band 2: The Batteries - Nayland College

Band 3: Steezy's Touch - Waimea College

Solo/Duo 1: m.o.t.h - Nelson College For Girls

Solo/Duo 2: Lucy Summerfield - Motueka High School

Solo/Duo 3: Mia & Daisy - Garin College and Nelson College For Girls Preparatory School

Smokefree Tangata Beats Award: Lucy Summerfield - Motueka High School

People’s Choice: Pentamorous - Waimea College

Best Vocals: Tyler Russ from Nelson Crime Family - Nayland College

Musicianship: Peter Gray from Muted - Nayland College

ZM Best Song: F.E.A.L (for their song ‘Cherry Wine’) - Motueka High School

APRA Lyric Writers’ Award: Florence McNabb (for her song ‘Alaska’) - Nelson College for Girls

Rockshop best use of electronic assistance award: poor charlie - Waimea College


The top 12 bands are:

Muted - Nayland College Official

Wayward - Nelson College for Girls

The Batteries - Nayland College Official

Tangent - Nelson College for Girls

Endless Nameless - Waimea College

SoundLounge - Nayland College Official

Phat Daisy - Nayland College Official

The Flying Pigeons of Archytas - Nelson College

Steezy’s Touch - Waimea College

F.E.A.L - Motueka High School

pentamerous - Waimea College

Nelson Crime Family - Nayland College Official

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